Road Safety

Road Safety

Auto accidents are a major cause of serious injury in Massachusetts. In 2020, there were close to 76,000 reported crashes and 286 fatalities on our roads. Nearly 1000 of these accidents involved pedestrians, and 824 involved bicyclist collisions. We all can do our part to increase safety on the roads.

Here are some of the top reasons for auto accident:

  1. Distracted driving: As people become increasingly dependent on cell phones for maps, podcasts, music, traffic reports, and other functions, there is a stronger pull to check their phones. But you should never, ever handle your phone or any electronic device while driving. Other distractions such as eating, passenger behavior or personal grooming can be equally as dangerous.
  2. Drunk driving: It is not leagl to drive if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is 0.08% or higher. Being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or certain medications can severely affect your response time and raises your risk of causing an accident.
  3. Aggressive driving: We have all heard of “road rage,” which is when a person becomes so angry at another person that they might bully or physically harm someone on purpose because they’re annoyed. But there are other kinds of aggressive driving that don’t necessarily involve anger at a specific individual. Some drivers might be impatient and speed or swerve around cyclists or cars they think are going too slowly, make unsafe lane changes, or behave recklessly in some other way that could result in an accident.
  4. Speeding: You might think going faster will get you to a destination on time, but the reality is that speeding doesn’t get you to your destination any faster if you crash or get a ticket. And when you speed, you have less time to react to a traffic situation in front of you and less time to stop if necessary.
  5. Weather conditions: Massachusetts is no stranger to severe weather – ice, snow, wind, and other conditions are a regular part of our life. When the weather is extreme, it’s best to stay off the roads when you can. But when that’s not practical or realistic, exercise caution and drive slowly.
  6. Failure to obey traffic laws & signs: Traffic laws are more than just stopping at red lights and stop signs. Following the speed limit, staying in your lane, passing bicyclists safely, and yielding to pedestrians are just a few of the many necessary aspects to driving responsibly. Be familiar with the traffic laws in your local area and state, and obey them at all times to reduce your risk of a collision.

If you do find yourself involved in an auto accident caused by an unsafe driver, call our office for advice. Vargo Law is always here to help. 413-781-3000.

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